He’s only four years old, but he’s already been forced to commit murder. Isa Dare, from London, England, has been dubbed “Jihadi Junior” and is the latest westerner to garb the black robes of ISIS. [Scroll Down For Video]

In a newly released video, the young boy can be seen pressing the button on a detonator that kills four alleged spies in a car.

According to the Daily Mail, the video is impacting the Dare family back in England.

The grandfather of the so-called ‘Jihadi Junior’ claims he has been evicted after the four-year-old starred in a video appearing to blow up four spies.

Sunday Dare, 59, today said his grandson Isa Dare, is too young to know what he was doing after video emerged yesterday of him pressing the button which appears to detonate explosives in a car containing four alleged spies.

Today, a neighbour claimed he had been evicted from his home in Deptford, south east London, after removal vans were seen carrying away his belongings.

This is just the latest execution video to be released by ISIS which has come up with a multitude of disturbing ways to kill their opposition in propaganda films.

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