ISIS Releases Most Horrific Execution Video to Date


The Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL) has released a new video reportedly showing their most heinous executions to date.

ISIS has not only taken to executing citizens for violations of Sharia Law, but they have been doing so in horrific manners.

In their latest video, the group showed several different sets of executions of numerous prisoners. In the first part of the video, five men are slowly lowered into a pool inside of a steel cage and are held underwater until they drown.

Underwater cameras were used to capture the expressions of the men of as they perished.

In another part of the video, men are placed into a car before a rocket propelled grenade is launched into the vehicle.



In another part of the video, men have explosive “necklaces” tied around their necks and the explosives are detonated. The explosion decapitated the men almost instantly.



The video was reportedly shot in the group’s stronghold in the city of Mosul. The identities of the victims or what they were accused of is currently unknown.

We do not publish execution videos on this website as this gives ISIS the publicity they so desperately crave. However, if you must watch the video (which I strongly advise against, it is very disturbing), it can be found here.

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