When footage of his encounter with an unruly student went viral, the mainstream media was quick to attack Deputy Ben Fields.

The public outrage, combined with political pressure from the Obama Justice Department (in the form of threats of investion) quickly led to Deputy Fields termination despite evidence that he was attacked by the girl.

But there’s another incident caught on camera that has come to light and somehow none of the media cares.

The new video shows a black officer letting a teenage student go so he could start a fistfight with him, even standing in the teens face screaming “DO IT! DO IT!”.

The officer is then seen throwing haymakers at the student in a full on donnybrook.


No #BlackLivesMatter protesters went on the news screaming for “justice”. No investigation was ordered by the Obama administration.

The video, taken in October of 2014, puts the Deputy Fields incident in a new light. If this type of incident is commonplace at schools like Spring Valley High, Fields would have been aware of how volatile the school and it’s students are.

Just like the rest of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, this shows that the only time the “movement” cares is when it’s a racial issue. That’s why they refuse to admit it should be #AllLivesMatter.

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