Jason Scaletta received tens of thousands of dollars in benefits by falsely claiming to be a decorated combat veteran.

According to local media reports, Scaletta received monetary assistance from veterans groups as well as discounts for falsely claiming to have done multiple tours of duty in the Middle East:

That investigation revealed Scaletta was receiving help on his rent and electric bills from a veterans support organization. According to military documents that Scaletta provided, he had three deployments overseas and was awarded numerous military service medals and honors. Witnesses from the military testified on Tuesday that the two documents which highlighted Scaletta’s military career were false and forged.

The non profit group Veterans Support Centers of America even ended up hiring Scaletta to work in their service dogs program. The group’s reputation took a hit after his arrest.

The founder of the group, Jerry Black, made a point to testify against Scaletta. From WFOB:

“So it was really important for me to carry this all of the way through. To come here and testify today. Even though this wasn’t about the dollars for us because we weren’t defrauded. St. James Church was. It was about getting our reputation, setting the record straight. When we did find out who this man was, we went and made sure that he was prosecuted,” Black told WBOC after the verdict was read on Tuesday night.

In actuality? Scaletta spent 44 days in basic training before being kicked out for unspecified reasons.

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