There are few things more despised in prisons around the world than child abusers, and one just took a hard dose of karma – being beaten to death in his cell in a manner similar to how he committed his own crime.


Back in January of 2010, then-30-year-old Daniel Wilson was arrested for the death of his 7-month-old son. Police reports indicate the infant suffered multiple skull fractures and severe brain injuries in the attack.

Court documents say Wilson admitted to repeatedly striking Dawson in the head and dropping him on a counter at the family’s home.

Wilson would go on to plead guilty to second degree murder of his own son and was sentenced to life in prison.

St. Louis Today is now reporting that Wilson was killed at Potosi Correctional Center by his cellmate, Brandon Kulhanek.

In a twist of irony, Wilson suffered a skull fracture, brain  injuries, and a crushed larynx in the attack.


Prison officials have not commented on whether this was a disagreement that spiraled out of control or a planned dose of prison justice for a child murderer.

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