Startling new video has emerged of a terrorist being gunned down after targeting the wrong person.

The Palestinian attacker reportedly screamed “Allah Akbar” as he charged, causing the Israelis to turn and respond. The video shows the moment one of the Israelis turns towards the terrorist charging behind him.

The man then quickly draws his gun, causing the terrorist to pause for a split second, and fires. The shot found their mark, mortally wounding the attacker.

Just last month, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat urged all residents to arm themselves and be vigilant, in light of the new terror attacks from Palestinian Muslims.

“in many cases,” said Barkat, “those who neutralize terrorists in times like these are citizens, not police officers. I urge people who are allowed to carry weapons and are experienced in using them to carry their guns with them.”

“One of the advantages Israel has is that there are many veterans of military units with operational combat experience,” he said.

Of course, this isn’t the first time armed Israelis have stopped terror attacks recently. When another deranged Palestinian terrorist attacked people at a bus stop, an armed citizen shot and killed him, saving numerous lives.

That incident was caught on camera as well:

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