Yes folks, last night really happened. Donald Trump was elected President of The United States. Some are ecstatic, while others are less than enthused about the news.

Wherever you stand on the election results, one law professor says Donald Trump should be impeached. University of Utah Law Professor, Christopher Lewis Peterson, wrote a lengthy response as to why it the impeachment should happen.


Peterson wrote in a 23-pagee article why it would be proper for Congress to impeach the newly elected president. He argues that Trump has engaged in a litany of crimes, including fraud and racketeering, which meets the standards under Article II of the United States Constitution for impeachment due to “high crimes and misdemeanors.”


The professor wrote, “Unlike his promised crimes yet to come, the illegal acts in Trump’s high-pressure wealth seminars have already occurred. Indeed, a federal judge appointed under Article II of the U.S. Constitution has already determined that Trump’s alleged actions, if true, constitute fraud and racketeering.”


Peterson has acknowledged that it would be an uphill legal battle. The Utah Law Professor argues that the Constitution does not prohibit Congress from impeaching a president for crimes that happened before taking office – even though this is contrary to popular belief. “Congress would be well within its legal rights under the Constitution to insist upon a President who is not a fraudster or a racketeer as defined in its own law,” Peterson wrote.


Peterson has an answer for everyone that voted him in knowing he was facing pending litigations related to Trump University. “Trump appears to have lied about his role in Trump University to students, he has throughout the election continued to misrepresent the cases that focus on his misrepresentations.”


Several lawsuits against Trump University, as well as a $40 million civil suit which was filed by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, have yet to be resolved. Trump continues to deny that the school ripped off any students.

While impeachment seems unlikely, especially with a Republican congress, it will be interesting to see the outcome of these litigations.'

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