Anti-police activists used a photo posted to social media by Anonymous to slam the Indiana State Police for unethical speeding enforcement practices. [Scroll Down For Video]

The photo showed what appeared to be an unmarked police van pulling over a motorist. The photo was shared thousands of times.

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However, that’s not the story. Offended, the Indiana State Police felt the need to put out a statement about the photo:

“The recently posted picture was snapped by a passing motorist of a police officer in an unmarked van with a stopped vehicle alongside the road. For this state trooper, who is assigned to the laboratory division and works as a Crime Scene Investigator, it wasn’t anything he hadn’t done hundreds of times before in his career. But it was the first time he had come under fire for doing the right thing and know one was more surprised than him when he saw it on the internet…

He simply stopped to offer his assistance to a man that was having problems with his vehicle. It seems with the creation of social media that we have lost our sense of direction as a society as it is now easier than ever to criticize, critique and jump to conclusions all while hiding behind a keyboard…”

They also pointed out that IN State Police officers assist over 200,000 stranded motorists each year.

A little research goes a long way.

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