A Muslim man’s epic rant calling for all true Muslim’s to stand up to Daesh and other Islamic terror groups has been seen more than 10 million times in just 5 days.

“I’m sick of these attacks… Let’s protect our beautiful religion, let’s track down these imposters who pass for Muslims and kill people,” the man says, pleading.

He then did exactly what many Republican presidential candidates have said needs to happen – he called on adherents of Islam to solve the problem from the inside.

“It’s not the government that is going to do the work, not state security or intelligence service. It’s us, us Muslims, who go to the mosque, us Muslims, who share the values of the Republic, it is up to us to do the work to track these sons of b**ches down.” he emotionally exclaims.

To a community that’s been told to keep quiet and let the extremists operate, he says:

“It’s the opposite! Because with these views, they will blow you up – or your mother or sister will be there. Rise up and show who we are: if they come to talk and try to brainwash you, track them down and break their jaws, because the solution can only come from inside, from us Muslims!”

He then gets really fired up and let’s loose with an epic volley:

“So rise up, rise up, and show them who we are… it’s up to us to f*ck them up wherever or they are. If they come to talk and try to brainwash you, track them down and break their jaws.

“Because the solution can only come from the inside, from us Muslims”

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