Protests against President-elect Donald Trump have been spreading throughout the country. Thousands have taken to the streets to show their dismay in the election results and now have taken a page out of the Black Lives Matter movement by blocking interstate highways.

If you are going to walk onto a freeway, perhaps don’t go at night when the only source of light is your flashlight on your phone. Bad things are sure to ensue.

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In the video, you can hear chants of “education not deportation,” referencing Trump’s  campaign rhetoric of deporting illegal immigrants. America has been split on the issue of deportation, and it has been a main focal point in the anti-Trump protests.

The mob continues onto the San Diego freeway, continuing their chants and using flashlights as their only source of light as speeding cars barrel down the freeway. One woman in a white shirt can be seen leading the protestors onto the freeway.

The protestors reached the middle lane on the interstate when the video shows a car hurling towards them, and you can hear a distinguishing “thud” as the car clips the women in the white shirt. Part of the mob of anti-Trump protestors are unaware someone was even hit as they continued onto the freeway.

The news quickly spreads throughout the group, and many quickly get off the highway as if remembering, oh yeah, I am on a freeway and could get hit by a car….

The dimly lit area was a recipe for disaster, with many of the supporters wearing dark clothing. It was inevitable that someone was going to get hit eventually.

Yells from the protestors echo throughout the highway as the semi-smart ones got off the road and encouraged others to get out of the road. One protestor yells, “get off the f*ucking highway.” Officers soon arrive on the scene, and the protestor hit by the car was put in the ambulance when the video cuts off.

If you want to protest, that’s your right. But when you put your life and other people’s lives at risk, that’s when you should rethink your priorities.

One individual commented on the video, and it really resonated with me. The commentator wrote, “even a 5-year-old knows not to play in the street.” If that doesn’t tell you how pointless and dangerous these protest are, nothing will.'

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