A motorist who had been getting a ticket is being called a hero after chasing down a driver who ran over a police motorcycle, barely missing the officer – and holding him at knife point until officers arrived.

In this dashcam video, you can see the unidentified motorist putting away his pocketknife as officers swarm the suspect, identified by police as 23-year-old Jordan Daniel Dunn.

Dunn was reportedly texting at the time he struck the officer’s motorcycle. The other motorist, seeing the officer was unharmed, took off after Dunn.

“The guy here with the black truck pulled over to the side. His tire was flat. The gray car pulled in front of him, blocked him, and when he did, the other guy [in the gray truck] jumped out with a knife. When he jumped out with a knife, I thought it was road rage,” one witness told local media.

“I thought the guy was gonna stab him, or once again it was road rage. What he said to them was ‘Call the cops! Call the cops! He hit a cop and knocked him off his motorcycle. Might have killed him,'” the witness explained.

“You call it what you want, but he’s somewhat of a hero. He’s the guy that rides the horse up next to the other guy and pulls the guy off the horse in the cowboy movies,” the witness said. “That’s the hero for the day. I don’t know who he is, but he is the man.”

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