MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry made some bizarre comments about Star Wars in a recent panel discussion. Harris-Perry says she has feelings “good bad and otherwise” about the films.

Then she points out that Darth Vader was “black” and voiced by a black guy when he was “running around chopping people’s hands off,” but after he accepts his son and turns good, he takes off his mask to reveal a white guy.

So… wearing black is now akin to being black?

Of course, fans of the series know that Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) was always meant to be a white guy. The voice of James Earl Jones was added later in post editing. Many feel that Jones was chosen because his deep voice worked well for Vader’s labored, cyborg-like voice.

To make matters worse, this exact line of argument was made in the movie Chasing Amy as a farce on claims of racism in science fiction. Here:

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