The current state legislative sessions currently happening across the country have seen a wave of states supporting “constitutional carry”.

Constitutional carry is the name that gun rights activists have given to bills that legalize both concealed and openly carried handguns in public.

Currently, several states already have constitutional carry laws in place and at least three other states are looking to join their ranks in 2015.

Kansas, New Hampshire, and West Virginia have all advanced bills that would allow law abiding citizens to carry firearms in public without the need for a carry permit.

The Kansas State Senate has already OK’d a bill that would allow the practice. New Hampshire also approved a bill in the State Senate.

In West Virginia, a constitutional carry bill passed the state senate almost unanimously on a 32-2 vote.

These bills follow a trend of expanding gun rights measures across the nation. While a few states have tightened gun regulations in the last couple of years, more pro-gun legislation has passed at the state level than anti-gun legislation.

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