After Donald Trump secured the necessary votes to assure his electoral college victory, Clinton supporters claimed that they were no longer safe. They warned of imminent attacks on women and minorities. Minority women were especially in danger. When those attacks didn’t happen, it seems some decide to fake them to prove to the world that they were right.


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Here’s yet another example. A Muslim college student told police she was harassed on the subway by three men who shouted “Donald Trump!” These deplorables reportedly called her “terrorist.” And it didn’t end at verbal abuse. They attempted to rip off her hijab.

Now, according to the Daily News, she’s made the whole story up.


The woman at the center of the controversy is 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid. Police have charged her with making a false report.

Something didn’t square with the detectives, and they continued to question Seweid about the incident. Wednesday, she admitted she’d made it up.

“This isn’t something we normally like to do but she had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story,” a source close to the investigation told the Daily News.


“We dedicated a lot of resources to this — and don’t get me wrong, this is what we do — but we had guys going back and forth, looking for video and witnesses. And we couldn’t find anything. Nothing happened — and there was no victim.”

Seweid originally told the police that she’d been on her way home from Baruch College on December 1 when three drunk men accosted her on a subway train. The men supposedly mocked her and ripped at her hijab while the other people on the train stood by and watched.


“It made me really sad after when I thought about it,” Seweid said. “People were looking at me and looking at what was happening and no one said a thing. They just looked away.”

What authorities initially believed to be inconsistencies typical of someone who has experienced a stressful situation turned out to be inconsistencies. They attempted to find video of the incident, but couldn’t. And then the story took an even weirder turn. Last Thursday, Seweid disappeared.

She was located safe a day later, and had no explanation for her behavior. That red flag may well have been the clue that unraveled her story.

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