Tragedy struck Kentucky (and our entire nation) when lightning struck a Jim Beam plant in Kentucky.

The bolt of lightning ignited the plant and a nearby pond creating a rare weather phenomenon known as a fire tornado (but “firenado” sounds way cooler).

Wait until about 20 seconds when the video really gets going and the firenado can be seen in all it’s glory.


No word what type of bourbon was being brewed, but I’m going with the Devil’s Cut just because it would be even better.

Now, please, a moment of silence for the bourbon lost.

A lake brimming with bourbon becomes the nesting ground for a firenado, after a lightning strike destroys a Jim Beam warehouse. Watch, as the whirl *really* gets going 20 seconds into the video. (Don’t forget to unmute the video to hear the story.)

Posted by The Weather Channel on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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