Is New York City set to be the next Ferguson, Missouri? It’s certainly a possibility based on scheduled protests.

Thousands of people are expected to march in protest of the death of 43-year-old Eric Garner on Saturday, who was killed by an NYPD officer who put him in a choke hold.

The issue is racially charged as well since Garner was a black man and the officer who choked him to death was white.

Garner was selling loose cigarettes (a crime) when he was confronted by two plain clothes (but still geared) NYPD officers. Garner claimed he was breaking up a fight, but the officer say they saw him selling cigarettes. One of the officers place Garner in a choke hold, forced him to the ground, and then held his head against the pavement with his knee while Gardner can be heard saying “I can’t breathe.”

Family members of Michael Brown, the young man killed in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer, are expected to join in on the march.

The officer who grabbed Garner by the neck initially, Daniel Pantaleo, has turned in his badge/gun and has been reassigned to desk duty.

A grand jury will decide if he will face charges this week.

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