While the overall national atmosphere has been anti-police lately, this video shows a crowd giving a round of applause for a group of officers who drop some law and order on rowdy beachgoers.

Filmed on Fort Lauderdale Beach over the Memorial Day weekend, the brawl includes multiple takedowns and even a WWF-style chair slam across the opponents head – with the chair breaking from the impact.

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While the drunken revelers keep grappling, a swarm of officers comes in to break up the fight.

Multiple tackles (or takedowns, if we’re writing for a police report) are caught on camera with the crowd cheering for each one.

Of course, there’s the obligatory drunk girl trying to pull cops off her boyfriend and she gets several forceful trips to the ground for her efforts.

When the suspects were finally led off the sand one woman shouted, “clap, clap for this.” The cheering continued for a few minutes and another beachgoer yelled out, “Get them out of here, thank you.”

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