A trio of internet pranksters who rose to fame pretending to be Muslim terrorists got to meet the Australian counter-terror forces up close and personal when their home was raided and all three were taken into custody.

Some 30 agents surrounded the home of Max Jalal, 20, Arman Jalal, 18, and Rebeen Jalal, 16 and moved in, quickly separating the faux-terrorists after a month long investigation into the controversial videos, such as the AK-47 drive by video shown here:

Drive By Shooting Prank – AK47 by fstafa

For their part, the brothers say they think the whole thing is overblown and police are overreacting.

“What bothered me to most was the chief commissioner went live on their page and press conference, he was announcing it like they’d caught Osama bin Laden or something. “We haven’t harmed anyone, to be honest.”

The brothers have since decided they aren’t so tough and began apologizing profusely, explaining that the videos are completely staged.

“Our latest drive-by shooting video was staged, and they were all actors,” said Max Jalal.

“The little girl in the video was actually our cousin, and the dad was me.”

The story has been backed up by the little girl, nine-year-old Merry Jalal:

“I was acting. When he [told] me to go, I had to hug him and run away … they were pointing a fake gun.”

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