CALIFORNIA – A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy is being credited with ending a high speed chase that reached speeds exceeding 100 mph.

The Sheriff’s Office sharpshooter opened fire on the Chevrolet Yukon and sent several rounds through the front windshield.

The move resulted in the death of the currently unidentified suspect. It is unclear if the suspect died from a gunshot wound or from the subsequent crash of the vehicle.

The decision to open fire on the vehicle was made after it began exceeding 100 mph and driving the wrong way down the interstate. According to local media reports:

“It’s a public-safety issue,” Deputy Olivia Bozek said. “Once he starts going the wrong way, obviously he doesn’t care about passengers or pedestrians or other cars that are around.”

Investigators said it is rare of deputies to shoot from a helicopter, but San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies are trained to do so, particularly if the suspect poses a threat to public safety.

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