A police officer shot and killed an unarmed teen sparking outcry from Black Lives Matter & causing the NAACP to demand the release of surveillance video.

Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson gave them what they asked for – and it doesn’t look good for the protesters.

Rather than showing the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed teen, the video clearly shows the teen menacing the officer and charging forward despite the officers drawn handgun.

The officer then fires three rounds, each finding their target and mortally wounding 19-year-old Keith McLeod.

During a press conference, Johnson said witnesses heard the officer saying, “Don’t do this!” and McLeod repeatedly telling him, “I’m going to kill you.”

The incident started when McLeod tried to fill a forged prescription for Promethazine plus Codeine, a narcotic cough syrup commonly used to make “purple drank”. According to Wikipedia:

Purple drank is a slang term for a concoction which includes a prescription-strength cough syrup as a recreational drug. The mixture became popular in the hip hop community in the southern United States, originating in Houston.

The prescription-strength cough syrup used in purple drank contains codeine and promethazine. The cough syrup, used in doses much higher than medically recommended, is typically mixed with ingredients such as the soft drinks Sprite or Mountain Dew and optionally “a Jolly Rancher hard fruit candy thrown in for extra sweetness.” The purplish hue of purple drank comes from dyes in the cough syrup. The amount of cough syrup used “can exceed up to 25 times the recommended dose.” The concoction is “Typically consumed out of Styrofoam cups”.

There are numerous slang terms for purple drank, including sizzurp, lean, syrup, drank, barre, purple jelly, Texas tea, and Tsikuni.

Do you think the officer acted appropriately?

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