Have you been one of the hundreds of millions of people who have received a friend request from a random person (usually a pretty, 20 something, girl) in the past few weeks?

If you have, and you accepted the request, you might have opened yourself up to several possible headaches.

We share more than ever on social media. Scammers and even radical terrorists know this. By adding you as a friend, these people gain even more information about you. This information can be used to steal your identity or to trick your friends/family.

There is even some concern that radical terrorists could use similar methods to find members of the military in Western countries and publish their personal information online. This could open the service member up to possible harm and harassment.

Be very cautious about adding new friends on social media. Even if you have friends in common with the person making the request, be cautious if you don’t know the person.

Make sure the information you share online is only viewable by people who are your friends. Facebook, for instance, allows you to set multiple levels of privacy for Friends, Acquaintances, Friends of friends and Strangers.

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Reagan enjoys all things political. After realizing that neither of the current mainstream political parties encompass his beliefs he awaits the emergence of a true small government party. Good scotch, good cigars, mechanical watches, and SEC football round out his interests.