A first hand report from the veteran run website Grunt Stuff, who says they have already verified the claims with multiple witnesses, tells the story of an Army Ranger who got a confirmed terrorist kill with nothing but his MRE spoon at the Haditha Dam in Iraq.

Here is the account from Grunt Stuff (their site may be down due to high traffic on this story):

They came up to a building they were ordered to clear, and inside 3-5 bad guys lay waiting for the stack to come through the door. As the Rangers entered the room they managed to kill all but one of the fighters. In the smoke and chaos of battle one of the rangers realized a bad guy was still alive and was attempting to pull the pin on a grenade.

Only being a few feet away the ranger rushed him and engaged into hand to hand combat. As they wrestle on the ground the ranger is unable to pull his knife because his kit kept getting in the way. The only thing he had at the ready was a MRE spoon he had stashed in the MOLLE of his kit. He grabbed the spoon and prison shanked that son of a bitch in the neck until he was dead.

Please note, we have not independently been able to confirm this story, but it’s simply too good not to share.

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