A carjacker died in a hail of gunfire after leading Seattle police on an extended high speed chase that lasted more than an hour through residential neighborhoods.

“The suspect vehicle crashed into police cars, crashed into civilian cars,” Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole said in a briefing at the scene. “Thankfully, no one else in the neighborhood was injured.”

Police initially responded to calls of a man with a gun inside a coffee shop. When officers arrived, he fled on foot and carjacked a red Volkswagen at gunpoint. He drove that vehicle away and then carjacked a second vehicle – the black Camaro seen in the video.

During the chase, the unnamed criminal rammed multiple police and civilian vehicles, including that of Henry Smelser.

“He was just swerving all over the road and ran right into my bumper,” Smelser said. “Shortly after that was when I heard the popping sounds coming from down the street.”

The suspect was ultimately rammed by police and surrounded by officers.

When he tried to drive away this time, eleven police officers opened fire, ending the rampage for good.

Of course, Mayor Ed Murray could not miss an opportunity to blame guns for the actions of a deranged man, as if the piece of metal and plastic told the man to ram both police and civilians and forced him to shoot at law enforcement officers.

“Regrettably, this is a reality of gun violence,” he said. “Seattle is pretty safe compared to most places, but we’re not immune from it.”

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