We’re gonna need a bigger boat… so we can rescue this shark.

If there’s one thing most people don’t want to run into at the beach, its’ a shark – especially a Great White Shark. Yet this group of Cape Cod beachgoers coulsn’t stand idly by when they came across a juvenile 7-foot-long great white stranded on the beach.



Witnesses say the king of the oceanic food chain became beached after jumping out of the water to make a meal out of some seagulls.

Without enough water to swim, and with the tide going out for the day, the predator was stuck. Luckily, quick thinking beachgoers grabbed buckets of water to pour over the shark’s gills and kept him breathing until the Harbor Master could arrive with a boat.


They then quickly GPS tagged the shark and dragged him to the water with a boat before releasing him.


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