Breianna Smart, 22, told a friend on the phone that she was being harassed and beaten by an Auburn Hills, Michigan Police Officer during a traffic stop. Smart can be heard saying:

“Can you come up here to the gas station? He’s harassing me. He’s putting his hands up on me.

He’s touching me. He’s hurt – He’s hitting on me. You need to come up here.”

However, once the dashcam footage of the incident was released it became obvious that it was Smart who was doing the assaulting.

Officer Martin Mikolajczak spotted Smart driving her car on October 23. Mikolajczak had previously pulled Smart over and knew she was driving on a suspended license.

Mikolajczak initiated the stop and attempted to take Smart into custody. As she was telling a friend on the phone that the officer was hitting her, Smart was actually in the middle of trying to severely injure and possibly kill Officer Mikolajczak with her car.

According to local media reports:

She struggles and gets into her car. As the officer is wrestling with her, he’s able to key his shoulder mic and call for backup.

Now Smart makes a dumb move, she twists her arm free and slides in behind the wheel. She throws the car in reverse and with her door open she floors it and strikes him with it.

Mikolajczak, 37 is violently slammed into his cruiser with the force of her moving driver’s door while also backing into his vehicle. The four-year veteran was down for the count as she drives off.

Mikolajczak manages to call for backup and other responding officers manage to track down Smart after she ditched her car at a nearby hotel.

Smart is now facing charges much more severe than driving on a suspended license. According to another report she is now charged with fleeing and eluding police and assaulting, resisting or obstructing an officer causing injury. She has not made bail and has no attorney at this time.

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