A video from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office is making waves because of what the suspect said to the officer.

Dated September 1st, the video starts with a deputy from the Aggressive Driving Unit (yes, it’s a thing) flipping a u-turn and going full throttle to pull over a woman driving 51mph in a 20mph school zone.

We don’t see the full traffic stop, just a cut to the end of the stop and what the woman said. Clearly it’s not her fault that she’s breaking the law by driving more than two and a half times the legal speed limit in a school zone, so it must be the police officers – at least that’s how she seems to see it.

And then she says something to the officer that will shock you, given what has been happening in recent weeks:

“You know what? No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute a**holes,” the woman said.

To his credit, the deputy simply says: “Thank you, ma’am” before walking back to his patrol vehicle.

Penalties for speeding in Palm Beach County school zones can include driver’s license demerits and a fine of more than $450.

Penalties for being a horrible human being are life long.

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