A disturbing video of a mom shaving her daughter’s head bald for allegedly bullying a cancer patient has people arguing about whether it sends a message to the daughter or simply shows that bullying starts at home.


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According to the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper:

This video purports to show a mother shaving her daughter’s hair in punishment for bullying a bald cancer patient.

The girl, sitting in a bath, screams and covers her eyes as the older woman shaves off large clumps of hair and throws them on the floor.

The blonde-haired woman speaks calmly as she runs the electric razor up and down her daughter’s head.


Web denizens are sharply divided, with some users praising the mom and calling this an example of “parenting done right”.



While other commenters on the video point out that it’s just a case of the mom bullying and abusing the daughter, saying it’s likely that’s where she learned the behavior.



The controversial video is not the first time a parent has taken to publicly shaming their child on the internet for bullying. Tim Robenhorst of Green Bay, Wisconsin found out his son Kayden had been tormenting another student at school and decided he was not having any of it.

Tim posted a picture with Kayden holding a sign that said:

My name is Kayden Robenhorst. I am guilty of being a bully at Pulaski Middle School. My punishment is the following:
1 – 50 pushups on my fist.
2 – 10 Incline pushups
3 – Running 1 mile (all at 4:30a.m.)
4 – I will also be doing landscaping to both of my father’s houses


5 – I will apologize to the boy I bullied in school in front of the whole class

In a small subsection is the message “We stand up for ourselves and beliefs but we do NOT take advantage of or bully others”


Here’s the full video that has the internet tearing itself apart:

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