Sona Avedian, formerly known as Matthew, is a six tour combat veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. Upon leaving the Corps, he grew a thick, bushy beard and settled into family life with his wife and daughter.

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However, Avedian says that she had always identified as a girl, but hid that side of herself leading up to and during her military service. Avedian used a masculine physique, sports cars, and a large beard to compensate for the fact that she always felt more like a woman.


In 2012, Avedian started hormone therapy and over the next several years lost 100lbs, had breast augmentation surgery, and laser hair removal.


Avedian is now spreading her story and gaining a lot of media attention in the process.


According to an interview:

“I could only hide so much,” she said. “I was exhausted and I could no longer hide behind these deployments”.

“Personally I’m much happier, I don’t have any conflicts with who I am. I am definitely a tomboy and that’s okay. Before I couldn’t stand myself and I couldn’t interact with people.”

A lot of people have trouble believing the transformation, so Sona got real with a post about one of the many headaches before getting laser electrolysis:


Some people are extra dense, so an additional post was called for:

Sona is currently working as a driver for Uber and Lyft as well as a bike mechanic at REI:

Avedian says her relationship with daughter Chiki is better than ever, and frequently posts video of the two together.

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