As the 2016 election draws near, the anger and animosity on both sides of the political coin is getting heated. With the firebombing of a Trump campaign office in Virginia, that violence taken a more deadly turn.

Yet there are those who still insist on pushing the boundaries. The social experiment in the video below show just what happens when that anger boils over. A car, decorated with a few Trump campaign ads, was left in what’s only described as a “black community.”


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After about half an hour, the car is noticed. The first man is talking on his cell phone as he approaches the car. He’s surprised to see the vehicle’s decorations, which include a few Trump bumper stickers and a Make America Great Again hat inside the rear window. After the initial shock wears off, he starts looking more closely inside the vehicle. He Pulls what appears to be a paper Trump mask off of the windshield and crumples it up.


Then he notices that the car’s unlocked. He opens the door and climbs in, takes a look around the interior, all the while narrating what he’s seeing to his friend on the phone.

After a few minutes, the man returns. This time, there are four others with him. They check out the car, pull whatever they can from inside, and then begin to halfheartedly smash it to bits. Their animosity seems almost too lackadaisical as blows from the steel pipe, and later rocks, simply bounce off the window of the car. Yet they manage to do some damage and the glass eventually breaks.


They continue to wreck the car, and rudely curse about what they call “Trump bullshit.”

At the end of the video, Salads declares “As you can see form this video, the black community is very violent toward Trump and his supporters.” These five are clearly not fans, though Salads does not name which community he actually parked the car in.


The stunt was organized by YouTube superstar Joey Salads. Salads (his YouTube handle) is known for provocative social experiments and pranks. His material is often controversial. The day after the Orlando nightclub shooting, he posted a video that was supposed to gauge the difference in reactions when people thought they were being attacked by Islamic fundamentalists versus Christian fundamentalists.

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