New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the most unique urban centers in the United States. The city is a mix of strong cultural influences that have gelled to produce original art, music, and cuisine. Yet there is still racial discord.

And this discordant melody has been picked up by the students at Tulane University. Protesters are pounding the pavement on the New Orleans campus demanding that white students be held accountable for racism.


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What racism, you ask? No city in this country is completely devoid of racism, not even ethnically diverse cultural centers like New Orleans. Yet the students, most of whom are members of varied social justice organizations, are not citing specific examples.


Instead, they’re addressing what they call “perceived racism.” Spokesmen from the groups told the Tulane Hullabaloo that the campus was rife with it.

And so they are chanting in protest. “White silence is violence,” they yell as they march. Many of them are holding signs that say things like “White students: No one has to do everything, everyone has to do something.”


The Hullabaloo, reporting on the protest, says that the marches are “in response to a lack of action from Tulane.” They claim that the racism is a threat to Tulane students’ “personal safety and human rights.” Some are asking the Hullabaloo staff to explain this comment, as the paper–much like the protestors–doesn’t cite any incidents on campus.

The students marching, though, are not deterred. The demanded “accountability from white students in regards to deconstructing the racism on Tulane’s campus.”


“There have been so many instances of micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions against us on this campus,” Students Organizing Against Racism co-President and News Editor for the Hullabaloo Canela Lopez said.

These micro-aggressions are the core of the matter, and micro-aggressions don’t lend themselves to specificity.

“Anywhere from students wondering what sport we play to be at Tulane to assuming we can’t speak English properly to outright hate crimes…. We are unsafe,” Lopez said.

What hate crimes specifically?

Khristyan Trejo, another concerned Tulane student, says there is “violence happening” on the campus. “[The administration is] complicit because there’s violence happening,” Trejo told the Hullabaloo. “The message Tulane’s administration is sending is they don’t care about students of color until things get ugly.”

Violence? This is concerning. Yet Tulane may be having the same difficulty responding to the “violence” that journalists looking to report on it face when looking to back the abstractions with specific examples.

It is worth noting that not all students at Tulane support the protests. During one recent march, a student yelled “Go Trump!” He then offered his own advice to the students. “Go to class.”

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