From three quarters of a mile away, a sniper from the legendary British SAS (Special Air Service) took a single shot.

The sniper, operating in northern Syria, used a Dan .338 rifle with ammo that “tumbles” which it hits a target – inflicting a huge wound.

He had to aim more than a foot wide of the mark to adjust for wind conditions, but hit his target first time.

Suppressing equipment meant that flashes and noise from the shot were kept to a minimum and the soldier went undetected.

Although the British Army has steered clear of an all-out ground war with ISIS, highly-trained SAS squads have been deployed in small numbers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to engage in a ground war with ISIS troops in Iraq and Syria, but small SAS teams are carrying out commando raids against the jihadis.

Dan 338

The mission occurred just days after three SAS soldiers became the first casualties of the campaign against ISIS.

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