As reported, a Russian SU-24 warplane was shot down by a Turkish F-16 earlier this week after Turkey claimed the Russian plane violated Turkish airspace despite several warnings.

Based on the radar images released by both countries it appears the Russian plane would have been barely inside of Turkish airspace for less than 30 seconds. This has left some to wonder if the Russian pilots had enough time to react to any warnings from Turkey.

Today, the surviving pilot, who was recovered by Russian rescue forces, is speaking out.

According to an RT report, the Russian aircraft was not warned before being struck by an air to air missile:

“In actual fact, there were no warnings at all. Neither through the radio, nor visually, so we did not at any point adjust our course. You need to understand the difference in speed between a tactical bomber like a Su-24, and that of the F16. If they wanted to warn us, they could have sat on our wing,” said Murakhtin, who is currently recuperating at Russia’s airbase in Latakia, northern Syria.

“As it was, the missile hit the back of our plane out of nowhere. We didn’t even have time to make an evasive maneuver.”

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