The “next-generation” F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has a problem. No, not that one. A new one.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite fighter aircraft – you know, the one that can’t win a dogfight against a 40+ year old design and won’t have an operational targeting system for it’s cannon until 2019?

It has a new problem. Pilots can’t eject from it.

Actually, that’s not true. Pilots can eject from it, but they are likely to break their neck. Col. Todd Canterbury said the current design fails to get “safe seat-man separation”.

Maverick and Goose know all about seat-man separation:

Representative Jackie Spier told Defense News: “We’re seeing these flight restrictions because the F-35’s ejector seats weren’t tested to the level they would be on a normal aircraft, and the Pentagon rushed to field them prematurely. This is yet another example of the kind of procurement malpractice we should be avoiding”

The military’s solution? Tell pilots they need to weigh more than 136 pounds.

Quick question. If you weigh 140, do you feel confident in that ejection system?

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