On Saturday, United States F-15 fighters carried out a bombing run in Libya targeting a top terror leader. Multiple 500lb bombs were dropped on the leader’s location following reliable intelligence.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a terror leader in Ajdabiya, Libya who is accused of supporting al-Qaeda and using a weapon of mass destruction. Belmokhtar is believed to have played a major role in an attack on a gas plant that resulted in the deaths of 35 hostages, including 3 Americans.

Belmokhtar praised the attackers who killed multiple people in Paris, France during the Charlies Hebdo attacks and it is believed he could have helped the attackers with equipment or logistical support.

The strike was carried out with the knowledge and permission of the Libyan government.

Belmokhtar’s nicknames included, The Uncatchable (due to how long he has alluded authorities), Mr Marlboro (for his role in a major cigarette smuggling operation), and The One Eyed Sheik (because he only has one good eye).

He was originally part of a Northern Africa al-Qaeda group before leaving that group to form his own al-Qaeda affiliate and planning his own attacks.

Source: CNN

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