The first United States casualty in the war with ISIS has been laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary.

Army Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was killed last month while leading a raid to prevent the terror group from executing 70 hostages. A member of the Army’s elite Delta Force, Wheeler was wounded in the battle and later succumbed to his wounds after heroic efforts by medical personnel.

The raid received massive public attention after video of the assault went public:

In keeping with the unit’s motto of “quiet professionals”, Wheeler’s funeral was kept off the public schedule of daily funerals so his family, friends, and teammates could say goodbye in peace.

Senator Jim Inhofe, from Wheeler’s home state of Oklahome, memorialized him earlier this week on the Senate floor and released the funeral information on his Facebook page. Army officials did not release the time of his service when asked by media.

Wheeler entered the U.S. Army in 1995 as an infantryman. In 1997, he became a Ranger with the 75th Regiment, where he served for over seven years, deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq three times.

From there, Wheeler’s special operations career led him to the legendary 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta… Delta Force.

He served an additional 11 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wheeler was awarded eleven bronze stars – four with a V device for valor.

Rest in Peace, Master Sergeant Wheeler. Rest in Peace.

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