The US Army is missing a training missile, and while they haven’t resorted to hanging “Missing Missile” fliers on telephone poles, they are seeking help from the public in locating the non-explosive training equipment.

The missile fell off of an Apache helicopter as it traveled from Fort Drum to New Windsor in New York for an air show.

According to Ars Technica:

The military said the M36 Captive Flight Training Missile is non-explosive and non-motorized. It’s designed to simulate the weight of a real missile for training purposes, specifically mimicking the Hellfire guided missile that the Apache uses in combat.. The Army said the 64-inch-long black missile was attached to a 10th Combat Aviation Brigade Apache helicopter heading to the New York Air Show, and it was last seen painted with the words “U.S. Army.”

If you run across the government property you can reach out to Fort Drum’s 10th Mountain Division Operations Center at 315-772-6324.

h/t Ars Technica

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