It has been confirmed that Lieutenant Commander Tim White was the Navy Officer who opened fire on Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez during last month’s attack on military members in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

White confirmed to the Times Free Press that he used a personal handgun to return fire on Abdulazeez, who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. It is currently unknown if White’s rounds hit their target. It’s also been reported that an unidentified Marine opened fire on Abdulazeez, but that story has not yet been confirmed.

Now it appears that White may be facing disciplinary actions and possibly even criminal charges for his actions. According to former congressman and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, the Navy is moving forward with charging White for discharging a firearm on base. From West’s blog:

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

The text message asked if it would be possible for Lt.Cmdr White to reach out to me. To wit I replied, affirmative.

Due to West’s contacts as a congressman and his time in the military his report is likely accurate, although no public confirmation of charges has yet been made by the Navy.

Whatever the outcome of these possible charges, White’s wife says she is proud of her husband. Also from the Times Free Press:

But his wife, Franicia White, said she supports her husband’s actions that day.

“He values human life enough to protect his sailors and others,” she said. “I am honored to be his wife and stand by him 100 percent.”

The attack left Marines Thomas Sullivan, Skip Wells, David Wyatt, and Carson Holmquist along with Navy Sailor Randall Smith dead.

Abdulazeez is a Kuwati born Muslim who has spent several months in the Middle East prior to committing the attack. However, authorities have not revealed a formal connection between Abdulazeez and any terror organizations.

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