It seems that it’s ‘en vogue’ right now to claim that you were a victim of police brutality if you’re arrested nowadays. However, with more and more cameras being used by law enforcement agencies, for surveillance, and by the public at large in the form of smart phones, it’s getting harder and harder to lie about such incidents.

Case in point, the chief of police in Douglasville, Georgia was recently alleged to have committed police brutality while personally arresting a high speed chase suspect.

However, in our world of cameras, those allegations just didn’t hold up. Surveillance video from a nearby mall showed that the chief used proper procedure and force when apprehending the suspect following a high speed chase.

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Even the suspect’s attorney admitted there was no police brutality in the video. According to local media reports:

Attorney Mac Pilgrim says he doesn’t believe the chief or his officers did anything wrong during the arrest; his only concern is why police chased a man suspected of two misdemeanors.

Looks like this suspect won’t get to play the police brutality card in court after all.

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