Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li and a Texas State Trooper? Based on the jumpkick in this video, the Trooper Abraham Martinez definitely belongs in the conversation.

It all started when Trooper Martinez attempted to pull over 25-year-old Steven Gaydos, a bartender at a local strip club, for running a stop sign on his Suzuki 750 motorcycle. Gaydos decided to run.

“I knew it was a cop,” Gaydos said later. “I took off, thinking I could easily lose him.”

What ensued was a 40 mile chase at speeds up to 138 miles per hour.

During the chase, Trooper Martinez drew his .357 service weapon and fired four times, aiming at the rear tire. He struck the wheel, the engine frame, and Gaydos leg.

Even being shot with a .357 didn’t stop Gaydos immediately and chase continued. Finally, Gaydos raised a hand to signal he was stopped and began to put his bike on its kickstand.

That’s when the Trooper executed his flying kick technique, knocking the motorcycle and its rider to the ground.

It turned out that Gaydos risked his own life, the life of the Trooper, and the lives of members of the public to prevent being pulled over for a suspended license.

“Past experience has taught me that people evade arrest to conceal their identity after committing felonious crimes,” wrote Trooper Martinez in his report regarding the use of force.

Gaydos, for his part, admits he did wrong. “But,” he added, “he didn’t have to shoot me.”

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