Overton, TX – Zoey and Andria Green, ages 7 and 8 respectively, wanted to raise enough money to take themselves and their dad, who works in the oil fields, to a local water park for Father’s Day.

The girls went to a classic standby for young kids to earn money – they opened a lemonade stand on their street. They offered glasses of cold lemonade for a bargain at just $0.50 per glass.

However, it wasn’t long before the local government found out about their seedy, underground drink stand and sent the local police chief to shut them down.

Police told the girls that they would need both a peddler’s license and a health department permit to legally operate in the city, effectively shutting them down.


The local police chief explained this side of the story to local media:

Chief Carter and Overton City Secretary Rachel Gafford declined to talk with the newspaper on camera, but said laws were laws.

Carter said last month a title company set up a tent in Overton, attempting to offer car title loans, and he had to run them off for soliciting without a license.

“We can’t run one off and then let someone else do it,” he said.

Fortunately, the story had a happy ending, red tape aside. The girls received donated tickets to take their dad on his Father’s Day trip from a local radio station.

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