A University of Virginia professor has found himself in hot water after commenting on Facebook that Black Lives Matter movement is the “biggest racist organization since the KKK.”

The UVA’s Engineering professor, Douglas Muir, has now taken a leave of absence from the University after they claimed they are distancing themselves from the professor after the statement.


The fallout from the professor’s statement against the movement had many questioning the University’s ethics and prompted a response from University officials.

“A recent comment regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, posted on social media by Doug Muir, a lecturer in our school, has raised serious concerns about UVA Engineering’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and support of populations that are traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”


Many sympathizers for the BLM group have since called for his job to be taken from him by the University. “While free speech and open discussion are fundamental principles of our nation and the University, Mr. Muir’s comment was entirely inappropriate. UVA Engineering does not condone actions that undermine our values, dedication to diversity and educational mission.”


They added, “Our faculty and staff are responsible for upholding our values and demonstrating them to students and the community. Mr. Muir has agreed to take leave and is preparing his own statement to the community.”


Muir and his wife own an Italian eatery. Since the comment on Facebook was posted, his business has been feeling the ramifications. The backlash has gotten so fierce that the mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, called on the public to boycott Muir’s restaurant.

The mayor took to social media to show his dismay in the University Professor. “The notion that #BlackLivesMatter can be comparable to the Ku Klux Klan is not only incredibly misguided, but goes to show the lack of cultural awareness that still plagues many professors at our Universities across the country.”


The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has also called for the dismissal of the professor. “Not only should they drop his class, the university should get rid of him, if they can,” NAACP representative Rick Turner told a local radio host. ‘They should not allow him to stand in front of students again.”


The University plans on making a decision on the professor in the near future.


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