Hurricane Matthew spent last weekend battering the east coast from Southern Florida to North Carolina after decimating Haiti and the Bahamas causing a massive loss of life and an immense amount of damage that has not yet been totally revealed. Three states are in a state of emergency and considered disaster areas.


However, in the aftermath of destruction for many areas, some positives began to emerge. Millions of people, without power, began interacting with their neighbors and communities. Social media groups formed connecting people in communities who would have never otherwise known each other.

Impromptu meetups and volunteer groups formed. Strangers with power offered up charging stations, coffee, and hot meals to their neighbors. Random acts of kindness were taking place in towns up and down the east coast.



One veteran in Jacksonville, Florida noticed what was happening and tied it back to divisive current events from recent months. Here is Mary Deloris Montgomery’s post which is quickly going viral:

Matthew may have been just a hurricane, but to me Matthew was a blessing in disguise. Think about this for a second…before Matthew hit, black lives mattered, white lives mattered, blue lives mattered, and everyone was killing each other and fighting in the streets. The Donald and Hillary were cutting each others throats. Idiots dressed as clowns…really!!


Then Matthew hit. I saw neighbors helping each other. Strangers passing out water and goodie bags to those less fortunate. In my home town I saw men of all races driving though neighborhoods assisting people with cutting up trees and limbs to clear out of their yards…it wasn’t a racial thing…what mattered you ask?…they had chainsaws, big compassionate hearts, and love for their fellow man. There was no stealing or robbing going on…for just a moment, ALL LIVES MATTERED.

I looked up to the sky and smiled…only God can bring his people together like this…only God can make us realize that we are all his children and that we all matter. I am feeling so blessed right now!

As of writing, the post has been shared nearly 1,000 times in a essentially a matter of hours.

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