An Evansville, Indiana Police Officer is fortunate that a suspect he was chasing didn’t seem to be too familiar with his firearm.

The incident began during a traffic stop. After officers removed one of the occupants of the vehicle, he took off running.

During the foot chase, the suspect, identified as Cornelius Ratliff, fell down. Ratliff then drew a firearm, turned back towards the officer and tried to fire. Fortunately for the officer, the suspect never disengaged the gun’s safety and he was unable to fire.

This gave the officer enough time to draw his own firearm and force the suspect into surrendering moments later.

The footage was just recently released from the March 2014 incident after Ratliff was sentenced earlier this week to 30 years in prison on numerous convictions that resulted from the incident.

The video has been added to the department’s training materials to show officers how quickly a situation can go from routine to life threatening.

The video also shows some of the utility of body cameras. The footage shown above was used as evidence to help convict Ratliff of more serious crimes.

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