Here is another story of a person using a firearm in self defense. In this case, a National Guardsman found himself highly outnumbered as he faced off against three would-be armed robbers.

According to media reports, the man, identified as 23 year old Joseph Toombs, was approached by several suspects at a Sonic Drive-Thru restaurant in DeKalb County, GA late last month. The suspects, at least one of whom was visibly armed, demanded money.

Toombs was able to draw his concealed handgun and open fire. One of the suspects was hit and the others fled.

The suspect who was shot was taken to an area hospital for treatment, but ultimately died of his injuries.

Police were able to arrest a second suspect a short time later. Since the arrested suspect’s accomplice died during the commission of a felony he is now facing murder charges in that death. Georgia is one of several states that allows prosecutors to charge suspects with murder if anyone dies during the commission of crime, even if they didn’t pull the trigger themselves.

Police are still searching for at least one, and possibly two, other suspects in the crime.

Toombs is not expected to face any charges in the case.

Sources: AJC, WSBTV, 11Alive

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