As we reported yesterday, ISIS (aka ISIL/The Islamic State) brutally executed missing American journalist James Foley and uploaded the video to social media in typical ISIS style.

Now, we are seeing reports that apparently the White House knew about the threat to execute Foley and apparently took no steps to stop it. President Obama even continued to play golf as the threat loomed (he’s also back on the course today).


According to ABC News,

The White House had been aware of the threat prior to the release of a video Tuesday night that appears to show the beheading of Foley and warns that militants will carry out a similar act against U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff, who went missing in August, the official said.

As previously stated, we will not post the video of Foley being killed here as that is exactly what ISIS wants. Part of their success to date has been an enormously successful social media campaign which has shown their violence and tactics to the world.

There have also been some reports today that the White House and military are considering sending a small number of troops to Iraq to deal with the mounting ISIS threat.

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