Dozens off people attacked a California Highway Patrol vehicle in Fresno Sunday, as the outnumbered officer driving tried desperately to escape. The video of the incident, captured by one of the participants, shows the incident.

The attack happened Sunday afternoon. Police were called to the scene to disrupt what is being called a “sideshow”–people driving around recklessly in their cars, attempting stunts. The sideshow had completely blocked an intersection.


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There were an estimated 40 people on hand, and the crowd–mostly African Americans–didn’t respond well to the arrival of the California Highway Patrol. As the officer drove onto the scene and attempted to disperse the sideshow participants and spectators, things turned violent.

“The vehicles parked all around the intersection and traffic backed up,” Fresno Police Lt. Mindy Casto said.


The officer who had been patrolling the area attempted to pull over one of the drivers who had been driving recklessly, doing doughnuts in the middle of the intersection. As the officer returned to his SUV, the mob attacked.


The damage was extensive. The attackers kicked, punched, and struck the vehicle–all while yelling obscenities and claiming that they, the mob, owned the streets. All told, the CHP estimates the damages in the neighborhood of $12,000.


The first strike was meant for the officer. It was a “very hard strike, and had that glass broken, it probably would have shattered on the officer,” Lt. Casto said. “So we can only speculate what kind of damage may have happened.”


Police have identified some suspects, but–as of yet–no arrests have been made.

“I cant really speculate what the crowds intent was, but what they did do absolutely was attack a vehicle with an officer inside of it,” Lt. Casto said.


The suspects will face felony charges of assault and vandalism.

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