A weird situation involving a Wal Mart customer and a legal concealed carrier unfolded yesterday in Florida.

According to TBO:

Just before noon Tuesday, [Michael] Foster, 43, of Lithia, saw [Clarence] Daniels in the Walmart parking lot in possession of a handgun that was in a holster and under his coat, the sheriff’s office said.

Foster followed Daniels in the parking lot and into the store. While in the store, Foster attacked Daniels, 62, of Seffner, the sheriff’s office said.

Foster grabbed Daniels from behind in a choke hold and then took him to the ground, the sheriff’s office said.

It turns out Daniels has a valid carry permit and was a lawful concealed carrier.

Foster was charged and booked for battery charges in relation to the incident.

Foster’s motivation in the attack is unclear. He never alerted authorities or Wal Mart personnel about his apparent concerns over Daniel’s holstered firearm.

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