SEE IT: Police Take Down Gunman Inside Walmart [VIDEO]

Our lives are being recorded. Constantly. As this video shows, every angle inside your basic Walmart is covered by one or more cameras. And this is providing tremendous evidence to help sort through the details of crimes. In this instance, it is an officer involved shooting. This one didn’t make the police-brutality list, and it is easy to see why.


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The incident happened in Chandler, AZ back in April of 2016. The Chandler Police Department received a non-emergency trespass call from the Walmart at 6:21 a.m.. Responding officers met the suspect, Mitchell Oakley, in the store.

The video picks up as the shooting begins. It appears that the officers confront Oakley just inside the front doors. The first indication that this encounter is going south comes when both officers leap backwards. Oakley pulled a gun and shot both officers.


One officer runs, the other falls backwards with his weapon drawn. He fires one shot between his legs as he hits the ground, but regains control and manages to shoot at Oakley as the man runs at him, attempting to escape. At least one of those shots hit Oakley, who stumbles and falls through the open doors.


Then Oakley commits a fatal error. As he fell through the doors, he dropped his gun. To pick it back up, he has to move back across the fallen officer’s line of fire, and he does, and the officer shoots him again. Oakley falls on the spot, and was pronounced dead shortly after.


At the time of the shooting, Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan released this statement:

“Our officers are alive and for that we are eternally grateful. They acted heroically. They acted on their training, on their experience, on their equipment and they relied on each other to survive this deadly encounter.”


“This morning’s incident is another example of just how dangerous the job of policing can be. Our officers responded to what some may call as a routine call, even though we realize there’s no such things as a routine call. But when they arrived, as they approached, they were shot multiple times within seconds. A seemingly routine call turned into a deadly encounter within a split second.”


Chandler police identified Joshua Pueblo and Daniel Colwell as the officers injured in the shooting. Colwell was treated and released almost immediately. Pueblo, who was shot in the face and the arm, underwent multiple surgeries.

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