They apparently thought of themselves as a real life Bonnie and Clyde. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in warrants, driving stolen cars, carrying guns and numerous other crimes finally caught up to a CA couple when a massive gunfight occurred at a Target department store in Sand City, CA on Monday between police officers and the pair.

William Spaits, 27, and his girlfriend 23-year-old Tina Money opened fire on officers when police tried to arrest Spaits on multiple outstanding warrants and Money on an outstanding bench warrant.

Officers were under instructions to arrest both individuals on sight. Security officers spotted Spaits outside of an area Target store and notified police. When police arrived, Spaits ran towards a stolen BMW the pair was driving and dove into the car head first.

At some point, the pair opened fire on the responding officers, striking them both. Before the pair could escape, other officers arrived on scene and fired multiple shots at the vehicle. The number of shots fired has not been released yet.


Both suspects were struck by the volley of gunfire. Spaits was declared dead at the scene. Money was declared dead at an area hospital. A third person who was in the stolen car was taken into custody by police. Both officers have already been released from the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery.

Spaits was wanted on charges of burglary and domestic abuse. He had prior convictions for forgery and other crimes. Money also has a prior criminal history including child abuse and drug charges. Combined, the pair had almost a half a million in outstanding warrants between them.

Spaits and Money have a 5 year daughter together who is set to celebrate a birthday next month.

Sources: Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Californian

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