If you missed the opening of the New Hampshire Republican debate, it can best be described as an awkward mess.

First, Dr. Ben Carson missed his cue to walk onto the stage and then that screwed up the rest of the order. After realizing his mistake, Carson seemed fine to wait until the end to enter, but Trump then awkwardly waited with him.

Rubio and Cruz wasted no time getting on stage and walking past the doctor when their name was called, although Cruz did try to let Carson enter the stage ahead of him.

Despite all of the awkwardness and confusion, Ohio Governor John Kasich was still the last candidate to take his podium… as usual.

Maybe next debate someone can walk these potential leaders of the free world on how to walk out onto a stage.

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Reagan enjoys all things political. After realizing that neither of the current mainstream political parties encompass his beliefs he awaits the emergence of a true small government party. Good scotch, good cigars, mechanical watches, and SEC football round out his interests.